Annotated Fly Fishing Bibliography

I don't have a large fly-fishing library, but I try to collect quality books that are interesting to me, useful in my writing, and that I can contain in a modest sized bookcase. The year before I started guiding, I would go to the public library and order 2-3 books on interlibrary loan every week. I kept this up for more than a year and quickly got a good feel for the best of angling literature. My interests lie in the more technical aspects of fly-fishing or works of historical significance, and I don't generally do much reading in the lighter stuff. The McGuanes and Gierachs are certainly fine writers, but most of my reading is not for entertainment.

The following books are ones I have in my library and are most acquainted with. Many are out-of-print, but can be found through used book services on the Internet. I hope you find some interesting books that are new to you in the listing below. Interlibrary loan at your local library is a great way to thoroughly check out a book before purchasing. It's also a way to find out-of-print books.

Aquatic Entomology

Boat Building

Cane Rod Making

Classics On-line



Entertaining Essays

Fish By Species

Fly Casting

Fly Fishing Tactics and Strategies

Fly Tying