Bull Shoals Tailwater Public Accesses

(In order of proximity from the dam)

There are about twenty-seven public accesses built and maintained by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Corps of Engineers, Arkansas State Parks and U.S. Forest Service. Maps are available in the free AGFC Trout Guidebook. GPS Coordinates are provided as a convenience and have not been verified. The information provided on this website is offered as a public service. Readers assume all risk and responsibility.

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Watch for the brown and white access signs near turn offs.

The tailwater is subject to strong and variable currents. Wade and boating accidents resulting in drowning have occurred. Please use common sense and take precautions such as: fish with a friend, wear a wading belt, and consider using an inflatable life jacket and a wading staff. Be aware of rising currents and get out immediately. Learn to know when to expect rising water by calculating flow rates below the dam and calling the current status number. See the flow chart. If you are in a johnboat, be very wary of anchoring in the shoals, and never anchor from the stern with it in the upstream direction. Always anchor from the boat's bow.

Jim Griffin Access ("Damsite" Catch and Release)

Forrest and Nina Wood Access ("Damsite" Catch and Release)

Bull Shoals State Park Trout Dock (Seasonal Catch and Release)

Big Spring ("Dew Eddy Shoals," State Park Access - Seasonal Catch and Release)

White Hole

Bronie Yurkonis Walk In Access ("The Narrows")

Wildcat Shoals

Cotter (City Park)

Roundhouse Shoals (Roadside Access)

Rim Shoals (Catch and Release)


Buffalo City

Cartney (AGFC & Forest Service)

Cartney Walk-In

Shipps Ferry

Norfork ("Confluence" East and West)

Red's Landing

Sneed's Creek

Chesmond Ferry

Calico Rock

Boswell Shoals ("Optimus" Forest Service Access)

Mt. Olive

Sylamore (East and West)