Mt. Olive Access - Bull Shoals Tailwater

GPS Coordinates 35.996922, -92.092297

Mt. Olive Access is seventy-four miles below Bull Shoals Dam on the east side of the river in Izard County. From Hwy 5 at Allison/Sylamore take Hwy 9 east towards Melbourne. There is a cutback near Melbourne (Jumbo Road) which goes to the access.

Mt. Olive access is a long way from Sylamore by road, although the drive is worth it. Hwy 9 reminds me of how the old Pig Trail (AR Hwy 23) from Hwy 16 to Ozark used to be. At periods of deadlow water, there is limited wade fishing access at low water, but overall it is mostly for boating access. The Sylamore catch and release area used to start downstream of Mt. Olive and extended to Jack's Resort, but AGFC removed it after growth rate studies showed marginal trout growth conditions, primarily because of temperature extremes. Landers Island is across the river. Soldiers Rock Eddy is upstream.

Mt. Olive Access is a travel back in time. The cutthrough off Jumbo Road to Calico Rock goes past some interesting sights like Athens, the former county seat, and the town of Boswell where the last steamboat ran in 1906.