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Photo: “Beaver Trout Caught in the Middle” - The Corps had an emergency shut down of both generators at Beaver Dam, June 22-25, 2015. Inflows into the lake required it to continue to make releases. Not having a viable, alternative way of releasing cold water, releases from the surface of the lake were made through one spillway gate open one foot at about 1,000 cfs. Temperatures for the first three miles below the dam rose to 74-75°F and stayed there for the three days. One generator was brought back online June 25, and water temperatures began to drop. Arkansas Chapter of Trout Unlimited planted 28,700 Bonneville cutthroat eggs June 13 under a new five year program. Assessments of the damage to the trout fishery and the egg planting efforts below the dam are ongoing. All rights reserved, Scott Branyan.

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