Scott's McKenzie Boats

Copyright © Ken Richards. Used with permission.

The above picture is of my second McKenzie drift boat "Progress" on Bull Shoals tailwater while guiding clients in August of 2007. I started this boat in the winter of 2005-6 and finished it in the summer of 2006. It took me a total of about 3 to 3-1/2 months. The panels are African mahogany marine grade plywood. The trim is mahogany and douglas fir. Thanks to Ken Richards for the photograph which I converted to grayscale for a nice effect. Both this photo and the one below show the lines of the boats very well.

Copyright © Scott Branyan,
My first McKenzie "Stability" at the early stages in 1996

Drift boats have long been the river boat of choice for flyfishers; but, they are relatively new to the Ozarks. They offer a stable, unobstructed casting platform, the opportunity to slip upon wary fish and present a fly in a natural way, and wade access to the choice runs and otherwise difficult to fish areas. My clients are usually surprised at the roominess and stability of the Mac. Wooden drift boats float higher and have a lower center of gravity making them a great choice for fly fishing activities.

For a log on the building of my second McKenzie boat "Progress," please check my old blog posts from November of 2005 through August 2006.

In November of 2010, I acquired a 2002 Clackacraft to use as a backup and travel boat. My first boat "Stability" is currently out of service and being restored.