Standing Fly-Tying Desk

My fly-tying desk arrangement is a simple system. I found a sofa table years ago I liked. It takes up little space in the corner and has room underneath for a rolling storage bin and stacked shoe-box size storage containers for feathers, beads, hooks, and whatever other materials will fit.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to try a standing desk. Preferring to work in short spurts at the tying bench, this was a good candidate to convert. Four “lightweight” concrete blocks (two 8″x8″x16″ blocks per side) raised it the desired 16″ working height I had guesstimated to be good for this table.

Here’s some photos. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Raised tying desk with even more storage underneath (click to enlarge)

Glues and finishes I use are handy.

I like to use cups to organize and contain unruly things.

I got this funny looking cup also when we lived in Texas :-).

Someone gave me an empty, wooden cigar box, and I use it for frequently used hooks.

Most important tool and centerpiece is the vise.

Update 1/16/17 – Love this in every respect so far. Suits my tying style: tie a fly or two and walk away. Gives me a break from sitting at the computer desk. I prepare and lay out materials and hooks the night before, and it makes it productive to easily tie a dozen or perhaps two the following day. It adds up. I’ve tied four dozen flies since I posted this.

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Scott Branyan, a native Arkansan, is a full-time fly-fishing guide.
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